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i love you even though i don't know you.
17 November 2030 @ 08:03 pm

friends only!
comment to be added :]
i love you even though i don't know you.
04 December 2008 @ 08:59 pm
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1. I would love to have for a box of kleenex and possibly some of that lovely lotion for my poor little nose.

2. I really want a batch of cookie brownies. Really, really, really bad.

3. I would love love love a Blair/Chuck background for my laptop!!! Maybe with a quote on it? The "three words, eight letters, say it and i'm yours" quote :)

4. I would absolutely adore some mix CD's made just for me, with bands that I haven't heard of. Or a mix CD of songs that remind people of me. Or a fanmix. Anything works.

5. First season of Gossip Girl on DVD!

6. I would love for a pair of red sparkly flats. Or red shoes in general. Or yellow, I don't have any yellow shoes. (I am a size 8.5!)

7. I want a white Christmas, a new sled to use in my backyard, and someone to drive out to my house and go sledding with me.

8. I would love to have a song written about me. Maybe music to go along with it? That would make my life.

9. I want new, bright colors of nail polish!

10. I would seriously kill for a massage. Not even joking.

listening to:: football game